The United States Supreme Court has denied the request to take up the Kentucky law that would require abortion center staff or abortionists to show women seeking an abortion the ultrasound images, have the women listen to the heartbeat, and hear the dimensions of the baby and organs that can be seen within the image depending on the gestational age.  Failure to follow this law will result in fines of up to $100,000. 

This law is important. The fact that pro-abortion activists are against it shows it finally exposes the reality of abortion and what it does. This isn’t done to pressure women into keeping their baby. It is done to let the mother know something that they are often not told or shown. Many women have an abortion because they aren’t told the reality of what their baby looks like before it is aborted. 

Yes, babies should be humanized because they are, in fact, human. This shouldn’t be up for debate. 

A state representative from Kentucky, a Democrat, thought this matter was such a joke that they filed HB 396 which would require men to make a sworn statement on the Bible and get written permission from their wives in order to receive erectile dysfunction prescriptions. Not only is that not funny, but it also doesn’t even have any parallel to the bill that would defend a woman’s right to know what an abortion actually is.

This bill is about abortion industry transparency of their business and for their customers. This bill could not only save the life of a baby, but it could also save the life of a woman who has an abortion who may later suffer from mental health problems due to the experience one has when getting an abortion.

Life is winning for both women and babies.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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