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It was only 3 days prior to the rally that I found out that a pro-life rally was happening, but knew immediately that I needed to attend. My state, North Carolina, has a form of a Born Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act that passed both the House and Senate, but wasthen  vetoed by the Governor. That’s right. Our Governor vetoed a bill that would ensure that reporting of babies born alive after an abortion and he vetoed the right for those babies to be saved. Prior to this, I had never attended a pro-life rally before and I was excited. I also brought my pro-life fiance who is new to the political scene. Here is what happened:

We showed up in downtown Raleigh expecting few, but saw close to 250 people. It was incredible to see so many people of both genders, all backgrounds, and all races come together to fight for life. Music played as everyone mingled. Pro-life rally signs were handed out. Legislators walked around thanking people for coming. Elected officials from many offices came and took that chance to talk to their constituents. It was a very calm atmosphere with a lot of smiling faces.

The program kicked off with a speech about why we were there and why it was imperative that the House override the veto. Currently, the NC House needs 4 more legislators to vote in favor of this bill. The work of Republican and Democratic legislators was given a thunderous applause and recognition.

The speakers, including reverends and preachers, talked about human decency and morality. They spoke about how wonderful it was that we had all gathered for such an amazing opportunity to stand for the born. They also spoke about how ridiculous it was that we had to be gathered for something as heinous as having to fight for the lives of born humans when it should be known that born lives deserve protection.

Then Barbara Holt, the state president of the North Carolina Right to Life, spoke and prayed for the Governor who recently had a surgery. She prayed for his recovery and wished him the best of luck. That’s right; those evil pro-lifers were praying for the Governor’s health. We are pro-life for everyone, not just the pre-born.

The thing I noticed the most is that it was all love.

There was no hate.

There was no violence.

No, there were no calls for hate or violence.

Instead, it was all love.

It was all prayers for people who are undecided on the issues.

It was prayers for the women who have had abortions and for the babies who have been victims of abortion.

Pro-life rallies are about peace, love, and life.

Caroline C.
FFL Cabinet Member
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