I am sure that I am not the first person to tell you, nor will I be the last, that 2016 is a critical year for the Republican Party. We are finally coming to the end of a Democrat administration that lasted eight years too long.

If you are anything like me, and I suspect you are if you are reading this, then you know that 2016 is a crucial time for all Republicans, but especially Republican women. We have so much power in our hands, and it is time to seize the day. 2016 is the best time to be a Republican woman so far in our lifetimes, and we have to make sure we don’t waste our chance to make a difference and make history.

Why is 2016 such a great year for Republican women, especially young Republican women?  For so many millennial voters, including myself, this is the first presidential election we are able to cast our ballot in. That adds excitement and anticipation to the mix.

One of the biggest reasons that 2016 is such a major time for Republican women is the beautiful, strong, well-spoken female running for the GOP nomination. We are lucky to have a female candidate who is not afraid to speak her mind, is honest, and is always willing to call out the hypocrisy on the left. We will always remember her brilliant comment about Hillary “escaping prosecution more times than El Chapo.”

2016 is also a great time to be a Republican woman because of the steps being taken in the fight for life, about which women are so inherently passionate, for obvious reasons. The March for Life this year was a HUGE success, even in the face of a blizzard. Many state legislatures are taking up bills to protect life at every stage. The outrage to the PP video makers indictment was deafening. We have proven throughout the years that we Republican women are crusaders for life, and we will continue to be so in 2016, where we have a strong chance to elect a pro-life president!

In 2016, we are also lucky to have amazing Republican women to serve as role models. Women such as Carly Fiorina, Nikki Haley, Marsha Blackburn, and Joni Ernst are inspirational for young Republican women who inspire to enter politics, even though the left tells us we are just brainwashed and working against our own interests. The fact that we have so many graceful, thoughtful, and intelligent Republican women to look up to makes 2016 a great time to be a Republican woman. We have amazing women to look up to in ALL branches of the government, and the FBI is investigating none of them over emails.

Speaking of FBI investigations, how could I forget Hillary? One of the most important reasons that 2016 is an important year for Republicans, especially Republican women, is out ability to mount a strong fight against Hillary, before the DNC allows her to coronate herself like she has been planning for years. Her campaign, and its lackies, scream sexism every time that anyone criticizes Hillary. It is crucial for Republican women to stand up against a woman who is trying to claim she represents women everywhere. Hillary doesn’t represent me, I doubt she represents you, and it is time to say so. Let Hillary’s team try and call women attacking Hillary sexism. I dare them.

The female vote is going to be a deciding factor in 2016 just like it was in 2012 and 2008. Don’t let is go to waste. When you cast your ballot, vote for the candidate that you feel best represents what you want in a president. Don’t be pressured by what the polls are saying, what the ads want you to believe, or what the mainstream media is shoving down your throat. Be a smart voter, and be informed on the issue. Don’t let anyone tell you that something is a “women’s issue.” Every single issue is a women’s issue, no matter what the left tries to tell you.

2016 is the BEST time to be a Republican woman, and the time when our voices are going to be the loudest they have ever been. We have amazing role models to look up to, including a female GOP candidate. We have the fight for life tipping in our direction. We have the ability to take down Hillary. We are making a difference, and what could be better?

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member