As a Conservative spectator, I have cheered on the cannibalism inside the Party of my opponents during debate season. With all eyes on Michigan this week, I’ve also been contemplating my best-case scenario for the Democratic primaries. It’s been a bloody battle thus far, but two potential front-runners have emerged. Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders give the GOP their own challenges and advantages. Here, I make the case that a Joe Biden ticket would ultimately be better for Americans as a whole.

Bernie Sanders, the self-described “democratic socialist,” is polling well with younger generations, but his campaign suffered huge losses on Super Tuesday. In fact, he is projected to do even worse as six more states vote this Tuesday. His performance in the elections indicates he would likely be easier for Donald Trump to defeat in November. I see many Conservative peers rooting for him for this reason.

However, Sanders’s radical positions have helped infect the country with mainstream popularity of socialist policies. He has advocated for the nationalization of the majority of American industries since the 1970s, which is demonstrated today in his platform to push through Medicare for All, The Green New Deal, housing and child care for all, and canceling all student debt. His vendetta against the rich reveals his intellectual dishonesty; Sanders claimed it was “immoral” for half the senators to be millionaires when he first ran in 1971. Now, after becoming a millionaire in America’s thriving capitalist economy, he has shifted to the viewpoint that only billionaires shouldn’t exist. Yet, his “democratic socialist” policies require billionaire funding via tax strangleholds.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, while not nearly as moderate as the mainstream claims, is not a mouthpiece for the dangerous socialist movement growing on the far-Left. his popularity is rising since the momentum he gained from his Super Tuesday victories. There is no question voters turned out in masses to support him. His likable nature makes him the biggest threat to Trump’s reelection.

Although I concede that nominating Joe Biden would be a bigger challenge for Conservative campaigns, it also means that, for now, America is rejecting socialist ideologies that would permanently change the dynamic of the Democratic Party. It gives me hope in the American experiment and our pursuit for individual liberty. No matter who emerges victorious in November, I see this scenario as the least-damaging and divisive.

As Ronald Reagan once said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” One day, Americans will inevitably have the battle between capitalism and socialism once and for all, but today does not have to be that day.

Jennifer S